29 February 2012

On Display

So awhile back I did a quick post about the new jewelry displays I made, and last weekend I finally got around to hanging them. I always get started on a project, life happens, and it takes me forever to finish. Yet I'm in love with the finished product. It helps complete my little dressing area. Totally worth the wait.  

24 February 2012

Yesterday {Simply Amazed}

Yesterday was incredible. A gorgeous, sunny, 74 degrees.

Though most of the day was spent indoors plowing away at work, not enjoying the beautiful day, I was so productive!

All Bowl For Kids' Sake marketing materials have been checked off my list. All marketing and web updates for Football Tech, caught up. Felt so good to leave at 5pm and not think about all the items looming on the usual, neverending to-do list.

My Ains was beyond happy to see me when I picked her up. She was in the most pleasant mood. I had a nice chat with Tara, Samuel's mom, while the kiddos ran around. Everyone was so happy. The sun and warmth certainly brings that out in us.

As we got home, Scotty was waiting on the porch enjoying what was left of the beautiful day. Was so nice to be greeted that way. Watching Ains run to him, showing off her latest masterpiece from school, just added to the moment.

Blowing bubbles in the grass filled the evening until we could no longer see them. Then, much to our surprise, found a beautiful butterfly on the curtain of our dining room. We set "her" free into the front yard, said our goodbyes, made dinner and settled in to watch Annie. Finally, bath and the sweetest of prayers before drifting off to sleep. 

Yes, yesterday was amazing.

16 February 2012

Rustic Cabin Retreat

Last weekend was our annual Taylor/Bozic getaway to the mountains. We generally schedule it around V-day weekend, though no real relation to the actual holiday. This year we added a day as we usually just stay 2-nights. Gah, what a difference that made! It really goes without saying, but we'll definitely be doing that from here, out. Such a relaxing weekend and nice way to catch up with great friends, eat a-ma-zing food, and have absolutely no agenda. Perfect.

Enjoy the {Scenes From Our Weekend}!

Among many {delicious} others, a few meals included:

14 February 2012


Je t'aime | Ti Amo | Te quiero | Wo ie ni  | I Love You

Today is such a sweet day for so many. And I do love Valentine's Day.

For some though, it's SAD (Singles Awareness Day). Which in turn makes me a little sad. Sad that people feel like they can't enjoy the day due to all the flowers, candy, red, pink, and googly-eyed folks everywhere they turn.

At the same time, it makes me more aware of the fact that {LOVE} needs to be shown every day. Love for your significant other, your children, your parents, your friends. Love for strangers, coworkers, those in need. Love for yourself.

"... just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another." John 13:34-35

My greatest LOVES and accomplishments:

{Here's to LOVE | XOXO}

13 February 2012

Handprint Valentines

Oh Pinterest, how I love thee. I've found some of the best ideas for everything from food to clothing to most recently -- Valentine crafts.

{The Inspiration}

{How we did it}

Follow my Pinterest boards: danietaylor 

11 February 2012

Getting Organized {Our Style}

We Taylors do not have Type-A personalities of color-coded charts, scheduled-out activities, urgency. You know, what most grown-ups do. Believe me, it would be nice -- not forgetting something important that you swear you told the other about, then turns out never happened, etc. Yet, it's just not who we are. We're an off-the-cuff, spontaneous bunch, that doesn't plan well at all. So, what do we do to try and remedy the situation, get organized, and still make it US?

Paint a chalkboard wall, of course. It's really quite perfect actually. Organized, but not in a neat enough fashion as to feel we've lost out style - haha. Plus, the bottom half now serves as Ainsley's art wall, and she is LOVING it.

We'll soon be hanging a little shelf for the chalk at her level and I also intend to add --Taylor Family est'd 2004 -- to the highest point of the wall since it's about 12' high and we won't exactly be using that area, well... ever. Ha. So, pics to come on that soon.

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