11 February 2012

Getting Organized {Our Style}

We Taylors do not have Type-A personalities of color-coded charts, scheduled-out activities, urgency. You know, what most grown-ups do. Believe me, it would be nice -- not forgetting something important that you swear you told the other about, then turns out never happened, etc. Yet, it's just not who we are. We're an off-the-cuff, spontaneous bunch, that doesn't plan well at all. So, what do we do to try and remedy the situation, get organized, and still make it US?

Paint a chalkboard wall, of course. It's really quite perfect actually. Organized, but not in a neat enough fashion as to feel we've lost out style - haha. Plus, the bottom half now serves as Ainsley's art wall, and she is LOVING it.

We'll soon be hanging a little shelf for the chalk at her level and I also intend to add --Taylor Family est'd 2004 -- to the highest point of the wall since it's about 12' high and we won't exactly be using that area, well... ever. Ha. So, pics to come on that soon.

1 comment:

  1. Love this, Danielle. That Ainsley is one in a million! She is so smart!


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